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We are a Martial Arts Gym Located in Glasgow. Our main focus is to teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at all levels, improve fitness and create champions in the sport and in life. We welcome you to join our team and start your BJJ Journey with us.

Our Coaches

Marcos Nardini

Head Coach

Chris Aiton

Beginners Coach

Jack Brown

No Gi Coach


Open Mat

Open mat is recommended to all members and all levels, this is a free time on the mat where it can be used to drill techniques and also sparring rolling sessions, this is a great class where you get to meet members of your team and train together.

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Beginners Class

These classes are recommended to anyone who has never done BJJ before and wants to start from the beginning. We follow a curriculum that has been divided by 8 parts, this curriculum will cover all areas in the sport, the main focus of this curriculum is to teach the basic moves to the level that a complete beginner can understand and by doing so you will develop a strong foundation.

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BJJ All Levels

This class is recommended to anyone with a good understanding of the basics of BJJ. This class will give the opportunity to all members with different levels to train together, and help each other as we grow as a team. The techniques showing in this class are more advanced so it can be a bit difficult if you yet don’t have done the beginners class, so we always recommend starting from there. This class has also more live training like sparring or as we call rolling.

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This class is for more experienced students. This class with more complex techniques and live training (rolling) as we also use this class as competition class, you can only attend this class if you are a competitor or 3 stripes and upon your white belt. If you chose to take this class you must have a good understanding of basic and complex techniques as well as roll comfortable and safe with all levels students.

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Due to Covid-19 pandemic, our timetable is only available on our MNBJJ APP.
For more info regarding our timetable please contact us via email: or call: 07864865278



11am — Noon BJJ No Gi All Levels
5-6pm — Open Mat
6-7pm — BJJ No Gi Advanced
7-8pm — BJJ No Gi Beginners


7-8am — BJJ Gi Beginners
6-7pm — Open Mat
7-8pm — BJJ Gi All Levels


7-8am — BJJ Gi Beginners
5-6 pm — Open Mat
6-7pm — BJJ No Gi Beginners
7-8pm — BJJ No Gi Advanced


6-7pm — BJJ Open Mat
7-8pm — BJJ Gi All Levels


11am-Noon — BJJ Gi All Levers
5-6pm — BJJ Open Mat
6-7pm — BJJ Gi Beginners
7-8pm — BJJ Gi Advanced


10-11am — BJJ Gi Beginners
11-Noon — BJJ Gi Advanced

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Membership price £60 Monthly.
Unlimited classes and open mats.
Fully equipped gym.
Access to the gym and mat out with class timetable.
Free grading days.

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