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We are a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy. Our main focus is to teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at all levels, improve fitness and create champions in the sport and in life. We welcome you to join our team and start your BJJ Journey with us.

Our Coaches

Marcos Nardini

Head Coach

Chris Aiton

Beginners Coach

Kathryne Gallagher

Wrestling & Strength and Conditioning Coach


Open Mat

Open mat is recommended to all members and all levels, this is a free time on the mat where it can be used to drill techniques and also sparring rolling sessions, this is a great class where you get to meet members of your team and train together.

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Beginners Class

These classes are recommended to anyone who has never done BJJ before and wants to start from the beginning. We follow a curriculum that has been divided by 8 parts, this curriculum will cover all areas in the sport, the main focus of this curriculum is to teach the basic moves to the level that a complete beginner can understand and by doing so you will develop a strong foundation.

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BJJ All Levels

This class is recommended to anyone with over 8 months of training. After fully understanding the basic techniques that are shown in the beginners class, the advanced class will teach you how to put them all together and improve your live sparring training. You will also learn new and more complex techniques. As advanced class has more live training, this will improve your fitness level.

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Competition Class

This class is recommended to anyone with over 8 months of training and up, you don’t need to be a competitor to attend this class. The focus of this class is to prepare our students for upcoming events and also to practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with full resistance. By sparring with each other your knowledge and understanding of the sport will increase, your fitness level will improve and it’s a great way to exercise while learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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This class will give you a full understanding of the principals of wrestling, how to control the fight from standing and work towards taking the fight to the ground.

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Strength and conditioning

This is a fantastic class to keep you in shape, lose weight and improve your fitness, we highly recommend all our members to take part in this class, regardless of what your goals may be.

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11 - Noon — BBJ Beginners GI
6 - 7pm — Wrestling
7 - 8pm — BJJ No Gi Beginners


7 - 8am — BJJ Beginners Gi
6 - 7pm — Open Mat
7 - 8pm — BJJ All Levels Gi


7 - 8am — BJJ Beginners Gi
6 - 7pm — Strength & Conditioning
7 - 8pm — BJJ No Gi All Levels


6 - 7pm — Open Mat
7 - 8pm — BJJ All Levels Gi


11 - Noon — BJJ Beginners No Gi
6 - 7pm — Open Mat
7 - 8pm — BJJ Beginners Gi


11 - Noon — MNBJJ team Competition Class


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Membership price £60 Monthly.
Unlimited classes and open mats.
Fully equipped gym.
Access to the gym and mat out with class timetable.
Free grading days.

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